Civilization VI Rise and Fall releases February 8 2018

Civilization VI Rise and Fall will release on February 8th 2018.

This will add some new choices, strategies and challenges to the game, including new Great Ages, as well as a city loyalty system and Governors. The game will have new Dark or Golden Ages, with either providing unique challenges or bonuses.

The new loyalty system also means that your leadership can determine how faithful a city is to you. The lower it is, the more prone you are to receiving revolts and low yields as they bid for independence. Loyalty gains, however, can mean you expand your borders and inspire other cities to adhere to your reign.

You can recruit governors, have enhances allegiances, and even form emergency pacts with other civilizations to combat deadly rivals.

The Diplomacy and Government systems have also been expanded in addition to adding nine new leaders and eight civilizations. These come with additional new units, districts, wonders and buildings.

This is the first full paid expansion for Civilization VI and follows the game’s first year of free content updates and fixes.


Civilization VI: Rise and Fall will release on PC February 8th 2018.

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