Bloodstained Ritual of the Night 1.04 is massively improved on Switch

505 Games have confirmed a new patch has gone live for Bloodstained on Switch, with further updates to come to improve performance.

Patch 1.04 has focused on stability and performance improvements, along with general bug fixing.

On the official forums, 505 have gone further to suggest that the performance on Switch is in a ‘nearly identical state for content’ to other versions.

Users have commented to suggest that the water is ‘displaying properly’ in this version, suggesting that previously it was just a line but now appears as a ‘fully rendered liquid’.

Library loading times have also been improved, though 505 have suggested that they are ‘still not where (they) should be’ and are continuing to work on it.

The next significant update for Bloodstained will be the Zangetsu DLC, adding a new playable character to the game. More news to come on that soon, apparently.

(Source: 505 Forums)
(Via: VGC)

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