Borderlands 2 Hot Fixes go live

A few Borderlands 2 Hot-Fixes have gone live today. Hot-Fixes are automatically applied updates from the title screen when the game detects you’re on the internet. These are generally done to help resolve immediate issues without resorting to a full patch release. The updates are automatically lost once you close down the game and will be re-applied when rebooted.

These updates have been long requested from the community.

As of today, the game will now apply the following conditions to your version of Borderlands 2 providing you’re connected to the web.

-Additional adjustments to ensure weapons properly apply damage over time (DoT) effects.
-Adjusted Vermivorous the Invincible’s loot pool to ensure each kill consistently results in better loot.

The incentives to take down the Vermivorous boss have clearly been dramatically improved and it’s nice to DoT effects have been improved on certain weapons.

We imagine final updates for both of these things will feature in a future patch, but for now, you can launch Borderlands 2 and start enjoying both of these additions, providing you’re connected to the internet.

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Ray Willmott

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