Godus 2.0 rebuilds and revamps everything

Peter Molyneux and 22Cans have finally updated Godus to 2.0

Godus 2.0 is a HUGE update that rebuilds the foundations of the game, but unfortunately that means all previous saves are no longer compatible.

The first – and arguably most ironic – one is that the interfacing has been changed and there is now less clicking. You can now hold and drag much easier. There is also improved sculpting. The land is now more accurate and responsive. Players will also be able move further and with more control.

Totem power has also been scrapped and the Leash introduced. This ability lets you hold any number of Followers, then drag them toward a destination and release them there. The cards system has also been redesigned with players discovering them across a timeline and unlocking by applying stickers found in the world.

There’s an improved GUI Implementation, a new game mode called Voyages of Discovery, a new Homeworld, new God Powers, re-engineered follower behaviour and plenty of gameplay tweaks and bug fixes. Like we said, a HUGE update.

Unfortunately, some features are still not in this build, including a story mode, battles, Meteor, Hubworld, extra ages and extra settlements.

The update can be downloaded right now. But for a more in-depth assessment on what Godus 2.0 has to offer, here’s Peter Molyneux to explain…


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