Call of Duty Ghosts DLC lets Snoop Dogg announce your kills

It seems Call of Duty Ghosts is all about the fanfare and star-power.

We got to see Jason Vorhees in Onslaught. Devastation gave us the Predator.

And now? Now we get Snoop Diggity Dogg.

In a new $3 DLC set to release on April 22nd, all in-game announcements will be narrated by Snoop. He’ll confirm your kills, tell you that you’ve lost, inform you if a UAV is inbound and keep tabs on your ordinance.

No, really. April Fools is gone. Repeat: This is not a joke. And we’ll prove it. COD is the most popular game in Snoop’s hood, why wouldn’t he be down?

Oh, and it seems like Activision are going full-steam ahead on this new concept. Coming soon is a voice pack with Full Metal Jacket drill instructor, R Lee Ermey. ATTEENN – TION!

Also on April 22nd, a number of new customization DLC packs will release for Ghosts. Players will be able buy the Blunt Force Personalisation Pack with ‘chronic lethality’, and it includes camo, a reticle, patch, player card and background.

There will also be some player skins. Two of which will be Modern Warfare legends, Soap McTavish and Ghost.

These pieces of content will all be coming to Xbox first, with Playstation and PC getting them at a later date.


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