Call of Duty: Ghosts


June 2014 DLC Release Schedule

June is all about the E3 hype-train. Expectedly, the game releases have slowed down considerably, and those that are releasing are not seeing a great amount of content. At least, not right away. Most have pre-order incentives, such as the Bruce Lee character for UFC and Wildstar’s Deluxe Edition extras….


May 2014 DLC Release Schedule

Another month and another run of DLC. Though this month certainly appears quieter than most, there are a couple of nice surprises here. To kick off the month, more goodness from Hideo Kojima and the Metal Gear Solid team while we await The Phantom Pain. Both Xbox and Playstation owners…


Call of Duty Ghosts Gets Chaos Mode

Those wonderful chaps and chapettes over at Infinity Ward have released a new patch for top-selling FPS-em-up Call of Duty: Ghosts. Not only does it have a veritable torrent of bug fixes and tweaks, they have managed to sneak a hidden gem in there. “It can’t be more exciting than…

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