Call of Duty Ghosts Invasion releases June 3

The next Call of Duty Ghosts DLC Map Pack releases this Tuesday, June 3rd, on Xbox One and Xbox 360.

There are, once again, four new maps for the game, as well as a new Extinction episode.

Interestingly, there is no special character perk unlike in the previous expansions, but there is a Death Mariachi killstreak which is unlocked during a Day of the Dead festival inspired level, which arms the player with dual-wielding pistols. Each kill will turn enemy players into another member of the Mariachi band and turn them into a temporary squad mate.

The Favela map will also return to the game. A fan favorite from Modern Warfare 2, players will return to Brazil for some gun warfare.

Here’s the full breakdown for Call of Duty Ghosts Invasion, as well as a brand new trailer for the content.

  • Four new maps: Invasion will feature “Departed”, “Pharaoh”, “Mutiny”, and “Favela”
  • Departed: A medium-sized map set in rural Mexico during the Day of the Dead festival. There will be a unique Death Mariachi killstreak after unlocking the map’s unique Field Order. “Armed with dual-wielding pistols, the Death Mariachi settles scores, with each kill turning enemy players into another member of the band, and a temporary squad mate.”
  • Pharoah: A map set in an abandoned archaeological site in Egypt. Beware the collapsing pillars and face-eating scarab beetles.
  • Mutiny: Arr, matey! Gun down your friends in the Caribbean, ye will. Unlocking the Field Order for this map means gaining two ghostey pirate-types to help you along your way.
  • Favela: Favela will be making a return in Ghosts, in a refreshed state.
  • New episode to Extinction mode: Invasion brings another chapter to Extinction mode. “In Awakening, the team descends into the perilous alien underworld to strike at the subterranean fortress of the Ancestors – the mysterious puppet-masters behind the Cryptid invasion. Armed with a range of new hi-tech weapons and equipment, the team must penetrate a series of defensive barriers to reach the Ark and unlock the secrets of the Ancestors’ psychic powers. As the final battle draws closer, the fate of the Earth and the future of the human race hang in the balance.”

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