Call of Duty Ghosts The Wolf DLC coming today

The first piece of Call of Duty: Ghosts DLC will release today.

Introducing ‘The Wolf’.

The Wolf is a new skin for use in multiplayer and will be used for Ghosts’ Guard Dog multiplayer killstreak. This wouldn’t be the first time Activision have released skins for multiplayer. Last year, in Black Ops 2, skins were downloadable and usable with guns. As dogs are a big deal in Ghosts, it stands to reason that Activision would want to give it a try here.

The Wolf Skin will be available to download from today at $1.99. We’re still awaiting official EU pricing at the moment.

Here’s a trailer showing The Wolf in action. The trailer also seems to suggest that the content will be coming to Xbox One first. The fact that the video is hosted on the Xbox channel seems to reinforce that. Still, we await official confirmation before excluding our PS brethren.

No word, at all, if the content will come to Wii U.


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