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Saints Row IV gets a Gat back

There’s a Gat and he’s back in the latest Saints Row. He had a few issues in the past, but the elvis hair-styled karate machine is ass-kicking his way into the latest Saints Row title. In this trailer he brings machine guns, tanks, kung-fu moves, even a mother-trucking HADOOOOOOUKEN! This…


XCOM (Not That One) Gets Declassified

After the success of Firaxis’ wonderful XCOM: Enemy Unknown, the pressure is on for 2K Marin to come up with the goods with The Bureau: XCOM Declassified. If anyone can do it, though, it’s the brains behind Bioshock 2, surely? Let’s take a gander at their latest trailer and see how they’re…

Content Update

Neverwinter gets Fury of The Feywild Update

Neverwinter is a place where it’s Never Winter. Except there can be snow and the occassional bit of frost. Though that’s usually a mage thing. Neverwinter Nights was this massive RPG that came out years ago from some company called Bioware. It was pretty decent. Clicking and pointing. Pointing and…