Expansive: Big Games of 2014

With 2014 now well under way – especially in the world of games because that’s the only one that matters, right? – It can be hard to keep a track on all the goodness still to come.   Well, don’t worry, because the kind folk here have got you covered….


Expansive at Rezzed Part One

Can we Axe you a Question? Smiley Dave is back in front of the camera, this time at the Indie Games Industry extravaganza, Rezzed.  There, he got to speak to many high-profile Indie developers about their upcoming games, including the likes of Spilt Milk Studios, Hypersloth Games and Dlala Studios….

First Play

Deus Ex The Fall – First Play

Deus Ex Human Revolution was a stunning return to form for an Intellectual Property many had thought was long-since dead. Square Enix came out guns blazing with the series re-imagining and it worked out well. At the same time, Square Enix also released a mobile spin-off called The Fall. It…