The Expansive Vodcast Show #6

Show six brings the frights to the Vodcast team for a third and final time (for now at least). Smiley Dave is the test subject with the main question, “Are more recent horror survival games more scary than a few years ago?” Is it their real-looking graphics or simply an improved gameplay delivery? What was that noise? Who’s there? Umm…I’m scared!

Neil Hickton and Andy Buick look after Dave Browne in this next exciting episode of the Expansive Vodcast. Dave plays survival horror gore-fest Outlast. Dave only has to survive for a short while, can he do it?

This episode contains scary images and shocking scenes, if not just of the Vodcast crew themselves, Outlast is a very graphic horror game, be warned.

If you enjoy seeing Smiley Dave getting scared, then you can also watch him play Dead Space and Condemned: Criminal Origins

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