Citizen Sleeper Final Episode: Purge DLC arrives as a free update March 30

The final free content update for Citizen Sleeper will arrive at the end of this month.

A new character and narrative arc are being introduced following Episode: Flux and Episode: Refuge.

Beyond that, not much is known, though the product description suggests players will be ‘returning to Erlin’s Eye’ and they ‘might even find themselves running into some familiar faces.’

This will be a free content update as with the previous episodes and it’s even been suggested that the ‘story of the Flotilla, the Eye, and the Wider Helion system comes to a turning point’.

Sounds absolutely fascinating and with a game as good as Citizen Sleeper, we cannot wait to find out more.

Episode: Purge arrives as a free content update for Citizen Sleeper on March 30.

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