City of Brass 0.2 Update Enters the Catacombs

City of Brass 0.2 is the first major content update for the game which adds the ‘Catacombs’.

The Arabian Nights-themed FPS goes underground in a new scenario that’s part tomb, part dungeon.

In today’s press release, Uppercut Games’ say that before the city was built, the caverns underneath have been transforming through the ages into a place of dread, and you’ve been lured there to uncover forgotten treasures.

Available now in Early Access, this new update adds new enemies, relics and even a new trap. The Catacombs now completely replaces Levels 6-9, and throws in the Unstable Salitar, the Hazadorous Gladiator, and a mystical gatekeeper. You’ll also be able to collect The Charm of Fortune, Coin of Soldiering, Gauntlet of Thrusting, Tongue of Silver, and Pads of Silence.

The update also adds a lot of community feedback to the game, such as more health, loot, and better feedback when gear activities.

City of Brass will release on PS4 and Xbox One in 2018 once the Early Access phase finishes.

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