Civilization 6 DLC set to appear on Switch

Civilization 6 DLC Rise and Fall and Gathering Storm seems to have been accidentally confirmed for Switch.

According to GoNintendo, Aspyr, the studio who handled the Civilization 6 Switch port, took to the Switch sub-reddit and commented that development was underway on both expansions.

However, mentions of a Switch port for both were later edited out by the Aspyr representative, who is said to be Director of Sales at the company. They did confirm, however, that Gathering Storm will launch on Mac and Linux tomorrow.

This is very exciting news and a little unexpected as Rise and Fall has been out for some time but there’s been no indication it would come to Switch. However, a recent Take Two earnings call admitted that its Switch releases have been ‘successful’ and that more is on the way.

It appears that the two Civ 6 expansions will be among them.

(Via Go Nintendo)

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