Red Dead Online adds Showdown Modes, Races and more on February 26, PS4 owners get early access DLC

Red Dead Online is getting its first major title update on February 26 with tons of new gameplay, challenges and customisables.

The Fool’s Gold Free Roam Event rolls into town which gives you the opportunity to earn a suit of golden armor. Simply take down the armor wearer in the mode to earn the points and then claim it for their own.

Don’t fancy that? There’s fishing challenges which includes the rod, lures and bait specific to the challenge and dependent on where you’re fishing, be it swaps or rivers.

And if that’s not for you there’s three new Showdown Modes where you capture and deliver the bag to steal loot and survive. More details will come on the three new modes – Up in Smoke, Spoils of War and Plunder- very soon.

Red Dead Online will also get new weapons, the Evans Repeater rifle and Rare Shotgun, each packing a unique punch of their own. They can be grabbed from the Wheeler & Rawson Catalogue, in addition to local gunsmiths.

On top of extra clothing and emotes, PlayStation 4 owners will get some early access to new Target Races. These Open Target Races give you plenty of wide open space to take out a variety of targets on horseback. There’s also Early Access for the Jawbone Knife which is created from the remains of a killed animal’s jaw, and new clothing and emotes. It’s unclear how long this period of exclusivity will last.

With it being bonus XP this week as well, Rockstar are ready for you to really sink your teeth into Red Dead Redemption 2’s Read Dead Online.

More as we get it.

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