Civilization VI Fall 2017 Update now live

The massive, long-awaited Fall 2017 update for Civ VI is now available to download and add to the game.

Coming soon for Mac and Linux players, it contains – among other things – loads of balance changes, adjustments and updates to the Religion system. This contains two new pantheons, as well as Founder, Follower, Enhancer and Workship beliefs. Those beliefs will eventually lead to the building of new buildings, as well as the Warrior Monk combat unit. Religious combat has also had some tweaks, as well as the Religion Lens.

There’s also been some big changes to the UI – especially the Diplomacy screens – and Capital icons now only show up on city banners, amongst other things.

Also available is premium DLC, the Khmer and Indoneisa Civilization and Scenario Pack. Added to the game will be Khmer – led by Jayavarman, Indonesia, led by Gitarja, and a new scenario, Path to Nirvana.

The Fall Update is available to download for free, with the Khmer and Indonesia Civilization and Scenario Pack available to purchase seperately.

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