Cody Travers leaps onto Street Fighter V June 26

Final Fight’s legendary Cody Travers will appear in Street Fighter V on June 26th.

The hints have been in the build up through the Street Fighter 5 finals over the weekend and now we have the first official trailer featuring a live action performance from NJPW legend, Kenny Omega.


Cody is the third addition in Season 3 DLC for the game and has become the mayor of Metro City. He also has an alternative Mike Haggar costume, complete with a brandished lead pipe.

His V-Trigger 1 is called Side Arm which has Cody’s trademark knife in hand which can be thrown mid-combo. Meanwhile, V-Trigger 2, Bad Coach, gives Cody a pipe and lets him ‘batter up’ to hit rocks into the air. These will then fall down onto his enemies.

Cody also has Nostalgia, Battle and Final Fight costumes which are shown below.

Cody joins the Street Fighter V Arcade Edition roster on June 26th.


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