Pokemon Quest arrives on Switch today with DLC, mobile releases in June

The Pokemon Company held an exclusive press event in Tokyo this evening and announced, among other things, Pokemon Quest.

Seemingly taking influence from Crossy Road and Minecraft, Pokemon Quest is a spinoff releasing for Nintendo Switch and Mobile and is a free to start title.

Players will receive Kanto Pokemon and control the game using the touchscreen. You’ll be able to determine Pokemon characteristics using ‘Power Stones’ to strengthen your team of three.

The game takes place on Tumblecube Island and you and your team of 3 Pokemon can explore for treasure as well as recruiting more Pokemon.

Pokemon Quest can be downloaded on Switch right now for free. There are also three main DLC packs for the game, costing $4.99, $9.99 and $17.99 respectively.

The Expedition Pack adds a cooking pot, which increases the number of dishes you cook at the same time. A Poke Ball Model that increases the number of PM tickets received as a service for members by 20. A Perfect Pair Statue which increases the maximum battery charges by one and some one time bonuses which include PM Tickets, and Level 1 Male and Female Nidorans with special moves.

The Great Expedition pack costs a bit more at $9.99 and adds the Cooking pot, as well as a Great Ball Model. You’ll also get an Eevee Arch and Lapras Pool which doubles the chance of attracting multiple Pokemon with your cooking. This also includes a Level 1 Lapras with a special move.

Finally, the Ultra Expedition pack goes for $17.99 and adds the Ultra Ball model, Pikachu Arch, Gengar Ballon which doubles the drop rate of all ingredients and a Snorlax Lounger which doubles experience from expeditions. You will also get a Level 1 Snorlax with a Special Move.

Additionally, you can acquire the Broadburst Stone, Scattershot Stone, Sharing Stone, Stay Strong Stone, Wait Less Stone and Whack-Whack Stone which can all make a Pokemon stronger when attached to a compatible move.

We’ll play the game and give some impressions soon but it’s a very different and unexpected move from Nintendo.

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