Control DLC could focus on Helen Marshall

A new video from YouTuber ManFightDragon may have revealed key information about DLC for Control.

We know there are two story-driven pieces of content coming – AWE and The Foundation – but we know very little about them save for small blurbs.

Until now, perhaps, as a YouTuber may have found some of the secrets.

In a video that shows off the game’s debugging tools, he’s found reference to DLC and names of specific missions.

Interesting, one is called “St01_MM_04_Marshall_START_Plus_PS4_SM15_Dlc” which not only links to DLC but also mentions a character in the game.

Helen Marshall does play a big role in Control, but could she have an even bigger one in the DLC.

Maybe she could be a playable character or it could focus on her story some more?

Who knows, but this perhaps gives us the biggest hint yet as to Remedy’s future plans for Control.

(Thanks PC Gamer and ManFightDragon)

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