Fourth Smash Bros Ultimate DLC might come from SNK Games

To say this one is a surprise would be an understatement, but the fourth Smash DLC could be coming from SNK.

With Dragon Quest Hero out now and Banjo Kazooie out very soon, there’s just two more DLC packs to reveal and one might be from the King of Fighters developers.

With wild speculation pointing to names like Doomguy, Minecraft Steve, and even The Grinch at one point, this one feels more outta nowhere than an RKO.

Nintendo themselves seem to have let the news slip through a listing on the European website, including copyright information for SNK Corporation.

The page has since been taken down but PushDustin has managed to keep some screenshots which show everything.

The problem is, no one really knows who it could be. SNK have a vast roster of fighters to choose from, also extending to Fatal Fury, Samurai Shodown and more.

Suggested names include Geese Howard, Terry Bogard and Marco Rossi, but it could be someone else entirely.

Or it could have nothing to do with SNK at all. This is a rumour after all, but it’s certainly one that’s got the internet talking. Positively and negatively.

What do you think?