Control Ultimate Edition cross-gen controversy rumbles on as Digital Deluxe Owners temporarily gain access

Owners of the Deluxe Edition of Control had temporary access to the Ultimate Edition by mistake.

This meant that, for a little while, they would have had access to the next-gen upgrade, only reserved for Ultimate Edition owners.

According to reports on both Twitter and ResetEra people visited the Control Ultimate Edition PlayStation Store Page today and were told they ‘owned’ the game.

It seems the Ultimate Edition was added to people’s libraries inadvertently. These individuals just owned the game and DLC previously, whether as part of the Digital Deluxe Edition or owners of both sets of content individually.

People were even able to ‘launch’ the Ultimate Edition of the game.  However, just a short while later, the store page changed and people were told they had to purchase the Ultimate Edition again.

505 Games previously said people must own the Ultimate Edition of Control in order to have a free next gen upgrade to PS5 and Xbox Series S l X consoles. They would not be eligible with previous versions of the game.

505 explained this decision in a blog post merely saying they need to ‘offer the full Control gameplay experience to new players in a single, easy-to-find product’ and are ‘unfortunately unable to offer an upgrade path to all existing Control players’

Today’s fiasco, however, has seemingly proven things to the contrary, and actually made owners of the game even angrier than they were before.

This is even more irksome when an increasing number of developers and publishers  – CD Projekt RED, Ubisoft – are offering free upgrades for their games on new systems. Though there are also other publishers doing slight pay increments for next gen upgrades or selling unique bundles for game launch.

To further add to the confusion, 505 have not removed the Control Standard Edition (with no DLC) from sale on the digital store and it’s actually more expensive than the all-encompassing Ultimate Edition.

This is all getting pretty grim if you ask me…

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