Is Cut The Rope Triple Treat a smart buy?

Maybe I’m getting old, but my 10 year old cousin followed me on Instagram the other day and it shocked me more than I thought possible. When I was a kid I had a Walkman, a brick of a Gameboy, and my internet time was restricted and fleeting. Apart from the fact that I just wrote ‘when I was a kid’ and mentioned a Walkman, I’d like to think that I’m still relatively cool, but the idea of kids walking around with smart phones scares me a bit. Social media can be an all consuming obsession, and having the social cliques from school carrying on in your pocket wherever you go can’t be healthy for a kid – let alone having access to everything that we know is on the internet.

This rant has something to do with Cut The Rope Triple Treat, and if I haven’t already become too senile I’ll explain. Regardless of the ethical debates of having one, most young children in 2014 own smartphones, so it begs the question, who exactly is this 3DS port compilation for? Say my little cousin wanted to be immersed in the great little physics based puzzle games in Cut The Rope, she could buy all three games featured here for a total of £3 on the Android Market. Bear with me here – my maths isn’t what it used to be – but that makes this £16.99 3DS collection over five times the price of buying the original games on your phone. Five times more expensive. You’d assume then, that you get five times as much content to justify this extra cost, right? Ah, I envy your naivety.

What you get with Cut The Rope Triple Treat is the same content found in the original games, but packaged together on a handy 3DS cart. The stylus makes the game feel a bit more accurate than the original Cut The Rope phone experience, and you get a cute little character model on the top screen, and that’s it. This is one of the most cynical cash grabs I’ve seen from Activision yet, and the decision to waste company resources porting this to 3DS is a fairly baffling and enraging one. But not quite as enraging as kids with smartphones, or losing your dentures in the pond.

In the incredibly unlikely event that you are one of the 10 people that own a 3DS but not a smart phone, then the games featured in this compilation are still great, and the package is actually worth a look. If you’re a parent and refuse to buy your kid a smart phone, then firstly, let me shake your hand, and secondly, see my recommendation above. For the rest of the people on the planet, however, check out the original games and avoid the 3DS collection.

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Tom Regan

Tom is a London based preview writer with a burning passion for gaming, he also writes for The Daily Joypad as well as doing freelance work.
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