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In Harm’s Way is an ironic title, because when conversing with the cast of characters at the beginning of the episode, the circumstances set before them have split them down the middle. Some believe the world outdoors is more dangerous than the horrors they’re heading into, while others would rather butt heads with the walkers and take their chances in the big wide world.

This season has seen Clementine grow in ways that are both terrifying and inspiring. Spiritually, you are replacing Lee as Clementine’s watcher and minder. You are the one protecting her and trying to keep her alive. There are several points in this episode that will really test your responsibilities. Will you choose to shield her eyes from the ugliness, stop her from performing the horrific, and protect her from precarious situations? Do you trust her to see and do these things, or do you still think of her as the innocent child you first met all that time ago?

While In Harm’s Way sends your paternal instincts into overdrive, Clementine is nurturing her own, by watching over the naive and vulnerable Sarah. A character who sort of mirrors the Clementine of old. The character who, most of all, is in harm’s way.

In Harm’s Way is the brutal, hard-hitting crash down to Earth that this season has needed. While Episode One showed us that Clementine can handle herself and do alright on her own and Episode Two was about building up a trust and creating bonds, this third episode throws everything into perspective. Suddenly, these once strangers are depending on Clementine and look up to her. They value her. They respect her. They no longer underestimate her. And, if she hasn’t already, by the end of this episode, she will earn your respect as well.

This Episode really links into your previous decisions. You’ve probably already heard that your 400 Days save game will be extremely important this time around, and indeed, some of the choices made in Season One will help Clementine figure things out and adapt to her situation quicker than anyone could have guessed.

The acting this time around is truly something. All characters get a chance to shine in their own unique ways and spout out some of the best lines of dialogue Telltale have written through all TWD episodes. What’s more, the finale will keep everyone guessing. Quite how this season will end is anyone’s guess and what the final two episodes will offer is sure to be up for discussion over the next few months. One thing is for certain, though, the events here will have a resounding impact on everyone, including you.

In Harm’s Way is yet another brilliant episode in this already fantastic season. Telltale certainly haven’t run of ways to tell a story in this apocalyptic environment. In fact, In Harm’s Way is a shining example of Telltale at their narrative-focused finest.

The good stuff:

  • All characters get a chance to shine in an amazing episode
  • Some hard decisions to be made
  • Great pacing

The bad stuff:

  • Slight Hiccup in one QTE section.

Final Analysis

An excellent follow-up to A House Divided, fuelled with powerful, difficult choices, excellent scripting and fantastic pacing. Telltale are taking us on an epic adventure, one I’m scared to see reach its conclusion.

Technical Competency – 9/10
Graphics – 10/10
Sound – 10/10
Network Stability – N/A

Overall 9.5/10

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