Day’s Gone Dead Don’t Ride Update trades in the Bike for a Buggy

Day’s Gone is in the midst of its free updates through August and this might just be the best yet.

Bend Studio have decided to pay homage to Crazy Taxi in their most recent update by having Deacon swap his bike for a buggy.

With Dead Don’t Ride, you’ll have to drive survivors through the Freakers and towards their designated checkpoint before time runs out.

In total, there are 36 survivors to help, and different ways to earn points, such as stopping as close as possible to the survivor when picking them up.

If you drop off a survivor happy, you’ll get more points, but also delivering them at a ‘wild speed’ or running over Swarmers on the way.

The free update is available now and will remain part of Day’s Gone. More updates are expected in the coming weeks.

Seems Bend Studio and Day’s Gone’s creativity is really starting to shine through post-launch.

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