Third Season of DLC revealed for Tekken 7 with brand new fighter and a random Solid Snake joke which Hayter and Konami did not approve

Update 06/08 – Oh my, it gets so much worse for EVO. Turns out their Solid Snake joke went a bit too far. So far, in fact, they never even told David Hayter about it.

While not confirmed, it’s being speculated that a representative from EVO has anonymously contacted David to perform some lines via ‘Cameo’ – a place where you can request personalised shoutouts from famous people – and then used those lines along with some edited video to put together their little joke. One that not many people are laughing about right now.

All done without consulting David or Konami, let alone Bandai Namco. Yikes!  Basically, don’t get your hopes up about Snake popping up in Tekken anytime soon.

Original Story

Bandai Namco are going all out with Tekken 7 and have revealed there will be a third season of DLC.

Coming with the Season Pass, there will be a massive update which includes new moves for all characters, such as Akuma and Negan.

As for characters not all have been revealed yet, but the new season pass will include Tekken 6 martial artist, Zafina.

With her powerful purple claw, she will be a force to be reckoned with along with her amazing agility and acrobatics.

In addition, a brand new Tekken character was introduced. His name is Leroy and he has thick white dreads and sunglasses.

A brief backstory tells us he was involved in a large scale gang conflict in New York as a boy and went missing for decades. In that time, he learned martial arts and is now on a mission for revenge.

EVO 2019 also had a bit of fun by teasing Solid Snake on stage and probably got themselves in hot water for it. Because a lot of people added 2 and 2 together and made 100, assuming he was in the Season Pass.

EVO have since clarified this was all on them and nothing to do with Bandai Namco.

Let’s just say people in the comments didn’t find it particularly funny. Still, it’s a random thing for them to joke about, isn’t it? Hmmm…

We do know that Season Pass 3 will have content running through Spring 2020 and that there are still two more characters to reveal, along with a new stage and feature.

Free updates in that time will also have expanded practice functionality, my replay and tips, play stats display, and an updated UI.

Season Pass 3 will begin this September with DLC 10, Zafina. She will not appear in Story Mode.

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