DayZ Given New Stuff – Some Then Taken Away Again…

DayZ, the hugely popular mod for the significantly less popular 2009 shooter ARMA2: Combined Ops has had an update adding a variety of fixes and exciting new features.

Amongst the new features is a modification to the Zed AI that makes them loiter closer to players. Over time, this means that zombies will meander into new territory looking for a tasty player to snack on.

Other interesting additions include reusable (well 80% of the time) wooden arrows, a crossbow quiver and most interestingly, a stack of quirky named new food such as  Dr. Wasteland, Bad Guy’s Ubiquitous Peaches and FraggleOs. Not everyone was keen on the fancy food names, though, and after some community members kicked up a stink, the new foods were removed with a hasty patch less than 24 hours after appearing, Boo!

Dean “Rocket” Hall, DayZ’s creator, was quick to defend the move on the dayzmod forums saying “Let’s not slaughter everyone just because something didn’t go quite according to plan and some people think it’s going in the wrong direction.” 

The patch also contains a whole load of fixes and updates and for those so inclined you can read the full list here.


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