Deus Ex is Back… Probably.

Fans of Square Enix’s 2011 reboot of the seminal Deus Ex series will be cock-a-hoop at the news that Square has trademarked the exiting moniker Deus Ex: Human Defiance.

Any thoughts that it was related to the film adaptation released in 2012 were quashed when delving into the ‘ 

Is it a new game? Could it be the Wii:U version of Deus Ex: Human Revolution? Maybe it’s more DLC? Heck, could it be Half-Life 3? Well, probably not. I don’t have much to go on here give me a break.

You can read the trademark application in all its dull legally binding glory here.

Are you excited about a new Deus Ex game? Why not join in the wild speculation by commenting below?

Source: PCGamer

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