Dead by Daylight Demise of the Faithful DLC Now Available

Chapter XI of Dead by Daylight – Demise of the Faithful – is now available to download.

Adding a new killer, survivor and map to the game, you will find yourself either butting heads with ‘The Plague’ or engulfing the world with her aggression.

Using sacred rituals, the Plague is a High Priestess of Babylon who confronted the gods when a sickness overwhelmed her body. Now she is full of vengeance and rage.

Meanwhile, new survivor Jane Romero is a former TV host who never made it home after finishing a live show.

Demise of the Faithful also comes bundled with The Temple of Purgation map with its tight twists and turns and stony architecture.

Dead by Daylight’s latest DLC is now available for £6.49 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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