Pathfinder: Kingmaker Arcane Unleashed DLC adds new spells and scales

Following on from its second premium expansion, Pathfinder: Kingmaker has now received a new free DLC.

Arcane Unleashed will give explorers of the Stolen Lands lots of new magical goodies, all for the price of absolutely nothing.

New items added to the game will come from an Arcane Scroll Merchant in the Capital. Dependent on your Arcane Kingdom Stat.

The items are…

1.        Create Pit

2.        Spiked Pit

3.        Acid Pit

4.        Hungry Pit

5.        Rift of Ruin

6.        Battering Blast

The free update will also add improved models for chromatic and metallic dragons, and a brand new pet called ‘Tiger’ has been added to the game.

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