Dead or Alive 6 is now onto its fourth Season Pass and it’s still not cheap

There’s an increasing trend of releasing more Season Passes for games to increase their longevity and playability.

On that note, Koei Tecmo have just released the fourth Season Pass for Dead or Alive 6. In terms of post-launch support, the game certainly keeps giving.

Except, each Season Pass has cost in excess of £70 and this one is no exception, weighing in at a whopping £73.99.

For the privilege, you’ll get 50 costumes, as well as 1 additional character that will be released between now and the end of March.

Here’s the full breakdown of the content in Season Pass 4.

■ Season Pass 4 Bonus Content
– Gorgeous Dress – Kasumi
– Gorgeous Dress – Marie Rose

■ Featured Content
– Nova! Sci-Fi Body Suit Set (20 costumes)
– Additional costumes (3 costumes) (February 2020)
– Additional costumes (16 costumes) (February 2020)
– Additional character (March 2020)
– Additional character debut costumes (5 costumes) (March 2020)
– Additional costumes (6 costumes) (March 2020)

As confirmed on the PlayStation store page, each piece of DLC will be released seperately at later dates. You also have to own the characters before you can use the DLC, but that should go without saying.

Alternatively, you can just buy the Nova Sci-Fi Body Suits for £36.99

So there you have it, four season passes and considering DOA 5 had seven Season Passes, don’t expect it to slow down anytime soon.

Have you invested in a DOA 6 Season Pass? Do you think it’s worth the pricetag?

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