Killer Queen Black 1.60 Hydra Update adds eight player local support, gets content roadmap

Killer Queen Black has just received a massive Hydra Update today which adds eight player local play.

This is playable on PC or Console and is available to download right now as part of a new Hydra update.

KQB 1.60 also adds Region Selection for Switch, Custom online and local matches, bots being added to local and custom matches and more.

A streamer mode has also been implemented which lets you display names in game and menus.

Killer Queen Black is a superb action game available for PC and Switch which absolutely deserves to be played and is getting a ton of updates in 2020.

Coming up soon will be achievements, new party features, the option to spectate matches and matchmaking / ranking rebalancing.

Eventually there will be a multiplayer Season with new maps, and you’ll be able to earn new cosmetics.

Further maps will be added throughout the year, as well as a Black Team.

For now, Hydra is available to download with more to come in the next few months.

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