Dead Rising 3 – Season Pass Review

Dead Rising 3

Season Pass Review

Developer: Capcom Vancouver
Release Date: Out now
Format: Xbox One
Version Tested: Xbox One
Price: £23.99 or $30.00



(Once all the content in a Season Pass has been released, we will pool together all our reviews and give you our final analysis. Once we’ve got the scores together, we’ll determine the average score and offer our final opinion on the Season Pass, advising you whether you should buy it or avoid it.)

Dead Rising 3 was one of the most attractive exclusives for the Xbox One at launch. It’s one of Capcom’s poster franchises and with a more serious edge, full HD graphics and Smartglass/Kinect support, there was a lot to get excited about. So the announcement of four-additional story-based episodes post-launch naturally enticed many zombie-slayers.

But is it worth the rather eye-wateringly extortionate asking price? Take a read of our Dead Rising 3 – Season Pass Review.



Operation Broken Eagle


We Said:

It’s engaging and will keep you entertained throughout, but the sacrifice of co-op over a narrative that’s pretty underwhelming is perplexing, especially since it’s all over shortly after it begins.



Fallen Angel


We Said:

From start to finish, it’s only ever average and with the premium price tag attached, you’d be better off spending your money elsewhere.


Chaos Rising


We Said:

The absolute definition of ‘cash-in’, Chaos Rising is full of the resounding boredeom the developers certainly felt while putting the content together.


The Last Agent


We Said:

Uninspired, underwhelming and completely unappreciative of those who’ve paid big bucks for the Season Pass.


The Season Pass includes the “Nick Ramos Tribute Pack,” which includes a muscle car and an alternate, battle-scarred skin for the player character.


Final Analysis

Arguably, the biggest waste of money we’ve ever seen. Four content packs may seem good value for money at nearly £25, but considering the quality of what’s on offer, we would advise against giving this a second glance.


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