LEGO The Hobbit 1.1 patch hits PS4

A sizeable 275mb patch for LEGO The Hobbit has quietly dropped on PS4 which offers some large performance enhancements. The description is, unfortunately, that vague.

In our upcoming As We Play, we identified a few issues in the Playstation 4 build, such as random hard-crashes to the dashboard, some frame-rate skips and audio disruption.

Since downloading LEGO The Hobbit 1.1, however, we’ve noticed none of these things after going back to replay some of the levels we experienced these problems on, and in going forward with the game. The overall technical competency of the game seems much improved. Old Save Files also seem unaffected by this recent update.

Since our As We Play has not officially gone live, we will be basing our assessment of the game on this latest patch, rather than the original code we received at launch.

Have you purchased LEGO The Hobbit? Did you notice any issues with the PS4 or any other build? Let us know..


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