Titanfall getting 2v2, Spectator Mode and Burn Cards for Titans

An absolute ton of new Titanfall details have surfaced over the weekend.

At the PAX Event Panel, Respawn talked about some of the features coming to Titanfall. First up, a 2v2 Last Titan Standing Mode will launch very soon and will be known as ‘Wingmen LTS’. Respawn have also confirmed that Titans will be receiving Burn Cards, much like Pilots. Burn Cards will focus on upgraded weaponry, armory, abilities and more.

Respawn are also working on more ideas, such as a hashtag system that will offer a smarter matchmaking system, putting you up against and teaming you up with similar players.

The team are also working on tweaks and fixes for a limited time to change up the flow of gameplay. If the results are positive, these modes could become permanent fixtures. One of the modes is being called ‘Attrition Elite’ internally, that only tracks pilot and Titan kills for score and does not register AI kills. There are also more customisation options coming to the game, such as the ability to add decal to Titans and better represent your Titan in game. They’re also adding more stat-tracking abilities so you can compare stats with friends and  an overall ranking system to promote competitive play.

Finaly, a Spectator Mode is being considered, adding potential free-cam to the game, something that would make the game naturally more receptive to eSports, allowing spectators to cast a game, as well as better streaming opportunities.

Lots of big changes, then. It seems things are just getting good as far as this mech-based warfare is concerned.

(Via Titanfall Blog)

(Source: PAX)

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