Demon’s Souls seems to be getting a pre-order DLC bonus on PS5

A Reddit user has spotted a pre-order bonus for Demon’s Souls on PlayStation 5.

Strangely, it has since been taken down, but not before a Reddit user was able to take a snap and share it.

Picked up by the great folks at VG247 and originally discovered by Cosmic-Vagabond an additional DLC weapon was available as a pre-order bonus on the PlayStation Store.

The weapon, known as the Reaper Scythe, has been described as such…

Once wielded by sorcerers who commanded the spirits of the dead. A pole weapon with a curved blade on one end that is so sharp that they say it can sever your soul from your body. The Reaper Scythe can mow down many targets in a single blow but is difficult to handle and requires both strength and dexterity to use.

It’ll probably be re-added at some point, but VG247 speculate it could have been removed because more content is on the way.

Demon’s Souls is a launch title for PlayStation 5 and will release from November 12th.

(Source Reddit)
(Via VG247)

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