Destiny 2 DLC Warmind releases May 8, adds new development roadmap

The second DLC for Destiny 2, Warmind, has finally been confirmed for May 8th.

And that’s currently all we know about Warmind as Bungie are hosting a live stream reveal event for the content on April 24th. We do know that the DLC will introduce us to new heroes and enemies, and we’ll get a lot of new loot and activities as well.

What we do know is that Warmind will release at the same time as Destiny 2 v 1.2.0 and begin Season 3. This will last throughout the Summer, adding Private Matches, Multi-Emote, Heroic Strike Modifiers, Nightfall Challenge cards, as well as PC Clan Chat, Bounties and a New Season Event.

Then in September, Season 4 will launch and add Records, Gear Collections, Weapon Slot Changes and much more.

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