Dissidia Final Fantasy completes Season Pass with release of Snow Villiers DLC, more possibly on the way

Snow Villiers is releasing worldwide for Dissidia Final Fantasy and is the last DLC in its Season Pass

The Season Pass also contains Yuna, Vayne, Rinoa, Locke, and Kam’lanaut from various iterations of the infamous franchise.

Snow appears in the Final Fantasy 13 series of games alongside Lightning, the lead protagonist, and rounds out the Season Pass for the game, although there is some speculation that Square could announce more characters as soon as next month.

Snow can also receive equippables with the following items

  • Patron of Yusnaan I (Appearance)
  • Patron of Yusnaan II (Appearance)
  • Patron of Yusnaan III (Appearance)
  • Crystal Guard (Weapon)
  • Ghastly Guard (Weapon)
  • Sacrificial Guard (Weapon)
  • Special Chat Messages

Snow can be purchased as part of the Season Pass or seperately for $5.99.

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