Devil May Cry 5 may not receive additional DLC after all

Devil May Cry 5 Key Art

A recent interview quote from Dengeki Online suggested DLC was coming for Devil May Cry 5 after Bloody Palace, but Producer Matt Walker has thrown cold water on the claims.

Senior Producer Makitaka Okabe hinted when asked about other DLC development that ‘There are unpublished ones’ to follow after Bloody Palace

However, Matt Walker has responded to a Twitter question asking the same question to which he replied ‘Nope! Only plans currently are for BP.’

Well, then…

It’s possible the original quote could have been misinterpreted by both interviewer and interviewee, or it could be that there are discussions ongoing but nothing is firmed out or concrete. It could be Bloody Palace is the only content Devil May Cry 5 will get.

Who knows, but at least for now, it’s safe to assume Bloody Palace is all we get it and leave it at that. For now.

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