The Sims 4 enters StrangerVille with new DLC on February 26

The Sims will attempt to uncover some alien mysteries with the new expansion StrangerVille on February 26.

The expansion adds an entirely new area to The Sims 4, taking our intrepid adventurers to a barren desert full of secrets.

Here, The Sims will encounter new townies, odd, erratic weather conditions, treacherous plantlife and much more.

StrangerVille tells a story where Sims will start to see unmarked vans in their neighbourhood, catch onto bugged listening devices and even encounter government agents.

This will eventually lead to them ending up in the desert, solving mysteries and cracking codes, until they discover the secrets of a hidden lab.

The Sims can even dress the part in desert get-ups, Hazmat suits, and suitably conspiracy themed attire.

The Sims 4 StrangerVille launches on PC and Mac on February 26 via Origin.

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