The Division Expansion Pack II now available

Survival, the second Division Expansion pack, is now available to download for £11.99 on Xbox One and PC. Or, if you’re a Season Pass holder, you can just go ahead and download it from the store at no additional charge.

Playstation 4 owners will have to wait a little longer as it arrives for them on December 20th.

This hit the Public Test Realms a few weeks back, but is now ready for public consumption. Players will contend against the freezing elements, as well as manage disease, hunger, and thirst. You’ll need to craft medicine, find warm clothes, and scavenge for food, all while competing with 23 other players who are doing the exact same thing.

You can either jump into PVE or PVP mode. With PVP, players can fight with or against other agents, but there are additional rewards at stake. If you opt for PVE, you’ll just play with other agents against the AI.

Let us know your thoughts on The Division expansion and whether you’re playing it right now. We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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