Darksiders Warmastered Edition brings Remastered Classic to Current Gen

Today, you can grab Darksiders Warmastered Edition on PS4 and Xbox One, with a PC and Wii U version to follow. The PC version is expected to hit on November 29th.

You can pick the game up digitally or at retail for around £15 depending on where you go. Or…


…You can go to Green Man Gaming right now and spend a whopping £66600.00 on the Horse Stable Collector’s Edition. Which is some deal because it not only includes a copy of the game on every format, it also includes a Playstation 4 Pro, an Xbox One S, a Wii U Premium Console, as well as a top-spec Alienware Area-51 Desktop Gaming PC.

Oh, and a Darksiders-branded horse stable.


This deal is exclusive to Green Man Gaming with the Horse Stable being a one-of-a-kind made item modelled after apocalytpic steed, Ruin. The item is named after the hub world ‘The Scalding Gallow’ and measures 10.8 x 3.6m. It includes a tack room with floor, a 3m x 3.6m haybarn, and two 3m x 3.6 stable that can house two phantom horses. These are sold seperately, however.

As if that wasn’t enough to tempt you, Warmastered Edition really gives a fresh lick of paint to an already great game. Here’s the full breakdown.

• PS4 Xbox One, PC and Wii U versions of Darksiders (Wrath of War)
• Native 1080p rendering resolution for console platforms
• 4K support and additional video options for PC
• Doubled texture resolutions
• Rendering improvements and rework
• Better shadow rendering quality
• Post processing effects
• 60 FPS in moment to moment gameplay (PS4, Xbox One, PC, 30 for Wii U)


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