DOOM 4 brings fatalities & Snapmap to 2016

DOOM 4 kicked off the Bethesda E3 conference with blood and boom. The grim torchlit corridors of DOOM 3 seem left behind, as we got to visit light-infused areas, filled with guts and explosion. We even took a trip to hell.

DOOM 4 is fast-paced and frantic, with higher jumping, longer land-distance, and huge weapon variety, but with the vintage DOOM staples, like chainsaws, shotguns and auto-rifles.  Oh yeah, and boss battles!

But then we saw Fatalities. Moves that make the cast of Mortal Kombat feel a bit out of place. Our marine pulls the heart from out of his enemies chests, pulls them apart with bare hands. He even shoves grenades down enemy throats, stands back and watches them implode.

DOOM 4 looks fantastic! And will release on PS4, Xbox One and PC in Spring 2016.

And with multiplayer also confirmed, with modes such as Freeze Tag, Domination and CTF playing a part, Bethesda look certain to have another certified old-school FPS hit on their hands.

But with DOOM Snapmap, the game gets a lot more interesting. Players can custom design all forms of imaginative gameplay with an in-game tool that lets players snap maps together with ease, add custom gameplay and even manipulate game logic to make new modes. Snapmap is designed for people who have never modded or create customised content before, but has enough fleixbility in it to encourage the DOOM Community to create their dream modes.

DOOM 4 is going to be huge and is not all that far away!


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