Bethesda E3 will give us a night to remember

E3 2015. If early indications are anything to go by, we’ll look back on it ten, even fifteen years from now, and remember it as the event that delivered. The one we’ve been waiting our gaming lives for. And Bethesda are set to kick it off in style with Pete Hines and Alistair Hatch setting the tone for the week to come.

DOOM 4? Check.

Dishonored 2? If an early Twitch blunder is anything to go by, check.

More Elder Scrolls? That’s a given.

Oh yeah, and some title called Fallout 4….


Bethesda E3 marks a footnote in history. In a first for the company, they’re holding a press conference, presumably due to the amount of upcoming titles they have for us. We know about some of them through early teasers, and potentially others through hints and rumors.

Here’s a rundown…



doom_00340461 (1)

The on again, off again nature of this project has been a rollercoaster the last few years. Most practically consigned it to the same categories as new installments in the Half Life and Shenmue series. There was even talk that development on the game was in serious trouble and it may never see the light of day.

Then came that teaser…


We’ve got a Worldwide gameplay reveal coming in…oh…2 and a half hours as of writing.

But here’s the thing. It’s been a long time coming, and frankly, to get people to care about the old guard again, Bethesda have got to have something interesting cooking. They got us back on side with Wolfenstein in a big way. But this is DOOM, and with the mixed reaction to the last installment in the franchise, this one needs to knock it out of the park!

Dishonoured 2


Bethesda slipped up a bit early on this one .. oops! Their test Twitch stream included an open mic discussion on Dishonored 2 being part of their lineup, with the team later trying to refute it after eagle-eyed gamers had already taken it as gospel. It’s not all bad for Bethesda, though. We’ve sort of known this was happening for a while. In fact, just last E3, it was rumoured Bethesda would be showing the game off then with a ‘Darkness of Tyvia’ sub-heading being attached. That didn’t happen, but it’s clearly been in development this whole time.

Arkane Studios created a sleeper hit with Corvo and co a few years back, so it’s little surprise Bethesda want them to revisit that world. This version of the game seems like it’ll be a much bigger release though, with rumoured multiplayer, new powers, a new lead character and better graphics.

There’s also been some suggestion that a HD Remaster of the original is in development, so don’t be too surprised if that gets announced for current gen release late 2015, with a 2016 release date being slapped on Dishonored 2.

The Elder Scrolls Online


Bethesda are almost certainly going to talk about TESO at some point tonight. Sorry, but it’s happening. With the game just releasing on consoles, likely increasing the user-base exponentially, the game isn’t going anywhere. In fact, it’s just going to get bigger, and maybe even better!

In fact, i’d predict they’ll either announce a full-blown expansion to the game, or a major content update patch that features new end-game content and new PVP options. An expansion seems a strong possibility, though. And an expansion with a new race, raised level cap, new area, and aforementioned end-game dungeons and PVP would definitely peak some interest.

It’s been over a year since TESO first launched on PC, and it’d probably be about another year before an expansion releases, but nothing is stopping Bethesda giving us some early news on what’s to come from their MMORPG, especially since its future has been secured.

Fallout 4


Here it is. The Main Event. The one we’ve been waiting eight years for. Fallout 4 is real, and if speculation is to be believed, it might even be releasing before year’s end.

One would imagine that with this huge conference, Bethesda will be shipping something this year, and with the amount of gameplay being shown off in the trailer, it’s not entirely outside the realms of possibility.


Fallout 4 seems to be heading to Boston, as has been widely predicted the last few years, and clearly features a very faithful looking companion throughout the entire campaign. It even has Ron Pearlman back. But everything else is up for speculation. Speculation that, finally, is about to be put to bed.

Fallout 4 alone would make most people’s E3 complete, but with Bethesda’s other titles, as well as the suggestion of what’s to come, this conference has potential to blow everything apart.

Anything else?

It’s a tight show, and there’ll likely be a LOT to show from Fallout 4 and Doom 4, but that’s not to say Bethesda can’t still surprise us. But with what?

Well, Prey 2 would certainly be a sight for sore eyes. The game has struggled in development for many years, though. At one point, there was said to be a near finished build. Right now, it seems like the game has been shelved, with an announcement made quite recently that the game had been cancelled. But has it really? We don’t have long left to find out.

What else? More Wolfenstein certainly would be welcome. The Old Blood did just recently ship, sure, but Machinegun Games have definitely earned the right to make a full-blown sequel to this cult hit. And there are plenty of people who would be happy to play it.

Here’s one from left field. What about Quake? This is unlikely as DOOM 4 will be there, and that is going to be a focus for Bethesda, but you’ve got to know a new Quake is brewing behind the scenes. What a statement of intent it would be from the studio if they tell us more about the future of this beloved franchise.

A new Elder Scrolls title is also very unlikely, but has the slightest chance of happening. With TESO being such a big focus for Bethesda at the moment, and the main team clearly dedicating their time and resources on Fallout 4, don’t bank on it, but don’t completely rule it out either.  Well, unless you’re hoping for an Elder Scrolls mobile title….

My hope, and one i’m actually willing to bet on? RAGE 2. The original was such an underated title. It felt fresh and different, and iD have previously stated that it’s something they’d consider revisiting. Time has passed since 2011, and while DOOM 4 is a big focus for iD, there’s  nothing stopping the team splitting duties.

One thing is a certainty. New IP is coming, whatever it may be, and will be shown off tonight. FPS, RPG, whatever it may be, Bethesda has a long history and a wealth of experience. The best thing to do is expect the unexpected…

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