DOOM Eternal DLC will be singleplayer post launch

DOOM Eternal will receive post-launch singleplayer DLC.

In an interview with Polygon at QuakeCon, Game Director Marty Stratton has confirmed that there will be ‘more campaign-focused DLC for the sequel’

When asked the question he said ‘Absolutely’ and that ‘we’re already planning that and I’m looking forward to it.’

This is a different approach from the original reboot of DOOM which had DLC focused purely on the multiplayer side of things.

The most encouraging quote however is that he says ‘we want to give people more reasons to come back, whether it’s Invasion, or DLC, it’s really important to us.’

Another significant shift is that SnapMap is being dropped from DOOM Eternal. In another interview with PCGamesN, Marty Stratton admitted ‘Right now we don’t plan on bringing SnapMap back into DOOM Eternal.’

This is because of player feedback from the previous game and the strong desire for campaign DLC. Stratton even suggested ‘If I could go back and do it again – I think we’d do campaign DLC after launch’ when referring to the original game.

There’s no confirmed release date for DOOM Eternal as yet, but we do know that Panic Button are working on a version for Nintendo Switch. This coincides with already announced platforms PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

(Source: Polygon  PCGamesN)

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