DOOM Multiplayer Overview and Analysis

This is the first in a series of three DOOM videos with this one focusing entirely on the games’ multiplayer component.

We analyse the expansive possibilities, the current modes being offered, the style of play, the action, and whether or not it has improved from the beta.

Discussions included are…

  • Different multiplayer modes and what they are.
  • Different types of load-outs, including pre-defined and customised and their functionality.
  • Hack Modules and the different types, the effectiveness, and which is the best selection.
  • Character customisation and the various options
  • Profile featuring your stats, such as points per minute, commendations, challenges, K/D ratio and more.
  • More information on the DOOM Season Pass and the first expansion pack due this summer.
  • Free content updates coming to Multiplayer.
  • eSports angle
  • Expansive possibilities

And more…

There will be seperate videos on the game’s single-player campaign as well as the Snap Map element at a later stage.

Are you playing DOOM online? What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments section below.


About the author

Ray Willmott

Ray is the founder and editor of Expansive. He is also a former Community Manager for Steel Media, and has written for a variety of gaming websites over the years. His work can be seen on Pocket Gamer,, Gfinity, and the Red Bull Gaming Column. He has also written for VG247, Videogamer, GamesTM, PLAY, and MyM Magazine,
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