We’re coming to the end of our One Week Challenge and so far I’ve not even come close to my lowest age rating of 54, once again seemingly stuck on 68.

You’ll notice I’ve tried to mix up my strategies each day to see if it makes a difference and today was no exception.

I mentioned yesterday that I track my Brain Age at the same time each day, so today I tried it towards the end of the day to see what that would do for my performance. There was also no prior training.


First up was the highest number game where you tap the highest number on the screen. And today I smashed it with my best time – 44.68 seconds. I still felt I could have improved on this – I managed to tap the wrong numbers several times but that didn’t seem to count against me – Ultimately, though, I was really happy with that time. I mostly felt sharp, alert, attentive, and prepared. Onto the next.

Calculations x 25 came up again, and I can feel myself getting better and better at doing these. Issues with the game reading my writing aside, I once again managed my best time today – 58.31 seconds. Considering I was doing these in 1 min 21 just a few days ago, this is good progress. And this is currently my best time by quite some distance. Before that, it was 1 min 4.03 seconds.

So, of course, for final game, I came up against the roadblock that is the Word Memory Test. Considering how much I love words, I find my attempts at this so disappointing. But I gave it a crack and managed to remember 9 of the 30 words. Which isn’t a record – my best is 11 – but not my worst effort.  Once again, though, the game kept distracting me with how poorly it is picking up my writing and unfortunately for me, the frustration causes me to forget some things.

And so, despite strong performances in two of the three games – earning new records in both – I ended up with a Brain Age of….. 68.

Is this a joke? Like, seriously?

What is this game’s obsession with the age of 68. Three Days In a Row, it has me pegged at this age. It’s the most consistent I’ve been the whole time.

So, with just one day to go, I guess 68 is my real Brain Age. Unless I can change my fortune with one final plan. I have an idea, let’s see if it makes a difference.

See you tomorrow!

Current Brain Age – 68


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