Dragon Ball FighterZ 1.04 adds Party Match and Replay Channel

The latest patch for Dragon Ball FighterZ 1.04 adds a host of new features to the game, including Party Match, Search Channel, and an Improved Arcade Mode.

The patch marks the beginning of significant updates from Bandai Namco to improve the overall experience which will see updates going through March and beyond.

Here’s the full changelog.


  • Added Party Match
  • Expanded Replay Channel function
  • Added Followed Player Channel
  • Added Search Channel
  • Updated replay data version
  • Replays saved from older versions can no longer be played
  • Improved Arcade Mode
  • Players can now choose where to go next at the Results screen after completing a course
  • Added “Return to Character Selection”
  • Added “Return to Course Selection” to the mid-battle Options menu
  • Added a final confirmation when choosing “Return to Character Selection”
  • Controller vibration function added to indicate when an opponent is found for Arena Matches, Ranked Matches, and Casual Matches
  • Improved game performance and stability

Dragon Ball FighterZ 1.04 is available to download now.


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