Dynasty Warriors 9 offers additional Season 3 weapons as standalone DLC

Season Pass 3 Weapons from Dynasty Warriors 9 can now be purchased for £3.29 each.

The Tripartite Nunchucks, Tooth & Nail, and Crossed Pike can all be purchased seperately for use in the game, but if you already own Season Pass 3 then be careful not to rebuy them!

The Crossed Pike is used by Lu Lingqi and enables new and unique actions and deadly attacks

Huang Zhong, meanwhile, gets Tooth & Nail which is an effective bow and arrow set up, and Zhu Ran uses the Tripartite Nunchucks. Though probably not as effective as your boy, Michaelangelo.

All weapons can be collected from the blacksmith in a city or obtained by the scrolls from a coin collector and cost £3.29 each

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