Eastward: Octopia DLC focuses on farming this Winter

Announced during the recent Nintendo Direct, Eastward is getting some unexpected DLC this Winter.

Eastward: Octopia sees the return of Sam and John as they explore a different side of Eastward. In a parallel world. Yes, really.

You’ll, of course, be setting up and tending to a farm. This means you will ‘tend to their blimpigs’ as well as ‘get advice from friendly ghosts’ and ‘forage in the wetlands’.
Set in the town of Seagull, players must ‘revitalise the community’ and that includes everything from going to ‘construct homes for new neighbours’ as well as ‘upgrade stores’.
This premium DLC is essentially a brand new game mode that is minus the battles and puzzles, but will feature some familiar faces and is expected to be around 15-20 hours.
Eastward: Octopia launches this Winter on Steam and Switch.
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