The Elder Scrolls Legends receiving Chaos Arena Event

While the game is still in Open Beta, The Elder Scrolls Legends is still receiving some significant updates.

On December 14th, legendary Daedric Prince – Sheogorath – will enter the game and introduce a brand new Chaos Arena PVP option.

This is only a limited, optional mode that adds surprise rules to lanes and scenarios on the fly.

For example, you might start the game with additional Magicka or have cards already placed in the lanes.

A new set of cards will also launch alongside Chaos Arena known as the Madhouse Collection. By purchasing the deck, you’ll get three copies of every card, as weel as an arena ticket to try out Chaos Arena immediately. You can either buy these with in-game gold, or through the Legends store from December 15th.

Chaos Arena will begin December 14th and end on December 19th.

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